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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Live Returns
C-SPAN and MegaPundit have good live charts and LA Times has the best Interactive

At this hour ...

West Virginia has been called for Bush by CNN
Anne Northup of Kentucky has won a decisive victory (usually a bellwether seat)
South Carolina margin of victory is around 60% or greater (Bush retaining strength)
Virginia looking tight (ouch!)
Jim Bunning taking hits in Kentucky Senate race (would be a reflection of Bunning's performance and not any other indicator)
Reporting & Hand-wringing over Early Exit Polling results may prove detramental to Bush (uggh)
11:15 EST: Things are looking very, very positive for the Bush campaign. Florida appears near certain. Ohio is strong. New Hampshire still appears within close reach. NJ is running 11% better than 2000 in popular vote and much closer than the Kerry team probably ever expected. Bunning holds on in the Senate and other races breaking for the Republicans with a sweep of the south, including a 52% (no runoff) victory in Louisiana. Martin Frost and other Texas DemoncRATs knocked off from redistricting. PA and other hopefuls probably out of reach but other remaining mid-west Kerry states still show signs of vulnerability. ... Daschle slap-down has appearance of inevitability!

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