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Friday, November 05, 2004
Bush wins Iowa + New Mexico, Popular Vote = 52%-47%
Bush now up 5% since AP finally awarded Iowa + New Mexico. See updated map at USA Today
Thursday, November 04, 2004
Election Recap: Basking in the Vast Republican Victories!

Bush first enjoys his victory lap with the press (TRANSCRIPT)

Stock Market continues roaring its approval. (DOW + 178, NASDAQ +19, S&P + 19); Bush Victory assures drug stocks

WT: Bush's victory comforts troops

Peggy Noonan returns: So Much to Savor - A big win for America, and a loss for the mainstream media.

Robert Novak: Democratic disaster

Newsweek: Bush's Inner Circle and (Fineman) A Sweet Victory ... And a Tough Loss

Mark Steyn: Bush Hatred Flops Big and A catastrophic night for the Democrats

Post mortems forthcoming from the NYT revealing how the major networks coordinated with the Kerry campaign in refusing to award Ohio and other states to Bush to retain their illusion that Kerry was winning.

TNR: Liberals Eventually Despair (must read)

NYT Stunned Democrats Look to the Internal Debate Ahead

NY Daily News: Dish on campaign trail follies, Bitter pill for plenty in the city and Devastating day for Democrats - They're in no mood to play nice on Hill

Michelle Malkin on Turnout Delusions

Filmmaker Moore quiet; Kerry backers heartbroken (he, he, he) + Film-maker Moore silenced as credits roll on a fair fight (he, he, he, he, he)

SF Chronicle: OPPOSITION Lefties reeling

NY Sun: It's a Dismal Day for Bush-Haters

WSJ: How Insiders Were Fooled - Bloggers Leaked Secret Data Giving Kerry an Early Lead, But Networks Honored Rules

Seattle Times: How did exit polls start avalanche of inaccuracy?

From the other side of the pond: Polls are load of ballots

Aussie Perspective: A Moral Victory

Kerry Daughters leave no doubt as to their total classlessness.

George Will: Refusal to accept reality sank Dems

John Podhoretz: How W Won

Fred Barnes: Act Two: Keys to a successful second term.

Bill Krystol: Misunderestimated: The hair-pullers and teeth-gnashers won't like it, of course, but we're nevertheless inclined to call this a Mandate.

Hugh Hewitt: The End of the Sixties: More than a win for conservatism, Bush's victory marks the end, finally, of the '60's

Dick Morris: Those faulty exit polls were sabotage and HISPANIC VOTE KEY

American Spectator on Tuesday's Dirty Numbers and NY Daily News notes Exit polls out of whack - Early numbers told wrong story

SD/UT: Bush voters take wrath of Sore Loserman II Kerry supporters.

Jeff Jacoby: Big loss for the Bush haters

BBC: How gloom descended on Kerry's bid


Hollywood Tanks at the Polls and Kerry's stars failed to shine

Richmond Times Dispatch: Allen tops expectation of GOP Senate gains

RatherBiased, MRC and Stephen Hayes with highlights of Dan Rather's coverage & reality breakdown and WP notes FNC gain

David Letterman's Top Ten and other one-liners
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Historic Magnitude of Victory

Dramatic County by County Precint Returns reveals MANDATE
WH: Bush Victory Speech

ABC with the news! Kerry will concede at 1:00 PM EST and Bush will claim victory at 3:00 PM EST
Dancing Bush!
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Bush wins both electoral college and popular vote, wins and adds seats in Senate and House!

God Bless America!

UPDATE: Sore Losermen Kerry & Edwards dispatching lawyers to Ohio! NM + NV ready to pop with Wisconsin and Iowa looking close!
Live Returns
C-SPAN and MegaPundit have good live charts and LA Times has the best Interactive

At this hour ...

West Virginia has been called for Bush by CNN
Anne Northup of Kentucky has won a decisive victory (usually a bellwether seat)
South Carolina margin of victory is around 60% or greater (Bush retaining strength)
Virginia looking tight (ouch!)
Jim Bunning taking hits in Kentucky Senate race (would be a reflection of Bunning's performance and not any other indicator)
Reporting & Hand-wringing over Early Exit Polling results may prove detramental to Bush (uggh)
11:15 EST: Things are looking very, very positive for the Bush campaign. Florida appears near certain. Ohio is strong. New Hampshire still appears within close reach. NJ is running 11% better than 2000 in popular vote and much closer than the Kerry team probably ever expected. Bunning holds on in the Senate and other races breaking for the Republicans with a sweep of the south, including a 52% (no runoff) victory in Louisiana. Martin Frost and other Texas DemoncRATs knocked off from redistricting. PA and other hopefuls probably out of reach but other remaining mid-west Kerry states still show signs of vulnerability. ... Daschle slap-down has appearance of inevitability!
Monday, November 01, 2004

OHIO is the key!

Final Tarrance BATTLEGROUND Poll: BUSH 51.2, KERRY 47.8 and Mason Dixon state polls looking good for W

Dixville Notch: Bush 19, Kerry 7

Expect Exit Poll Results to be leaked to Drudge and NRO The Corner

NYT sings the blues over Hawaii while flooding threatens Island turnout and DNC sends Kucinich (???)

AP on Daschle's desperate late night court action against John Thune

FULL Transcript of UBL Election Threats and IBD's commentary

Bush relishes final day of campaigning

RNC: Anticipated Kerry-Edwards and Democrat Election Day Litigation Strategy

Cheney Hunts for Votes in Hawaii on Election Eve
Vice President Dick Cheney asked voters in Hawaii on Sunday to help stage a Republican upset that would give President Bush the traditionally Democratic state's four Electoral College votes in Tuesday's tight election battle.

"I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by and say, Aloha," a smiling Cheney, wearing a brightly colored lei, told thousands of raucous supporters at a late night rally in Honolulu.

"Hawaii is a vital state in this election and President Bush and I would be honored to have your vote," the vice president added.

"It doesn't matter which party you belong to, or who you have voted for in the past. We're asking for your support."

UPDATE: Some beautiful pictures, including some of the lead-up entertainment from an attendee

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