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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Trick or Treat?

It appears Rove & Co. are in good spirits this evening, a hopeful sign for the election on Tuesday with many national polls narrowing to fulfill the media's long planned & orchestrated "Kerry's Closing!" scenario.

UPDATE: Kathryn Jean Lopez @ The Corner posts the WH Press Pool Report:
Uneventful flight, no visitors, but good color after we landed--the senior staff dressed up as duck hunters for Halloween to mock Kerry's recent goose hunting escapade.

After POTUS and FLOTUS and Sen. Jim Bunning emerged, waved and descended from the plane, the senior staff accompanied by Josh Deckard came out and paraded down the stairs dressed in camoflage jackets. Karl Rove and Dan Bartlett also wore hunting caps with the floppy ears. Karen Huges carried a plastic Halloween pumpkin filled with M&Ms from on board the plane. They walked over to the press and Rove threw some of the boxes of M&Ms at us.

"We're duck hunting for Halloween," Bartlett said. "We figured it would be a helpful reminder for Sen. Kerry." Rove and Barlett raised their arms in the air and joined hands to make a big W. Asked about their prediction for the outcome of the election, Rove, Bartlett and Hughes answered, "Victory."

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