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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Today's Context for Debate #3

Babies found in Iraqi mass grave

The skeletons of unborn babies, bulldozed into mass graves, and toddlers clutching toys are being unearthed from nine trenches in Hatra, Iraq.

Iraq pleads for aid as mass graves reveal horrors of Saddam's regime
"This is all women and children. We have taken in excess of 120 bodies out of there," said US investigator Greg Kehoe as he stood over one of nine trenches piled with bones and scraps of clothes and jewelry near Hatra. Among the dead are pregnant women, even a young boy still clutching his ball, whose bodies were ploughed into their earthen tombs by bulldozers.

Iraqi: 'My country gets better even if there are bombs here'
"We think we have a very good partner," he said of the United States. "We think we have a partner willing to support us and willing to change the situation. Now, we think this partner will help us to become an independent people."

Gertz: Chechen terrorists probed
U.S. security officials are investigating a recent intelligence report that a group of 25 Chechen terrorists illegally entered the United States from Mexico in July. ... Members of the group, said to be wearing backpacks, secretly traveled to northern Mexico and crossed into a mountainous part of Arizona that is difficult for U.S. border security agents to monitor, said officials speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Lipscomb: Mystery Surrounds Kerry's Navy Discharge
A Kerry campaign spokesman, David Wade, was asked whether Mr. Kerry had ever been a victim of an attempt to deny him an honorable discharge. There has been no response to that inquiry.

MRC: Meet Bob Schieffer, CBS’s Dan Rather Echo
Rathergate or No Rathergate, CBS’s Face the Nation Host Has Given Brickbats for Bush, Kudos for Kerry

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