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Sunday, October 10, 2004
Sunday Sillies

Sunday Serious

Scotland press on the ball: Revealed: Saddam's WMD plan
Tariq Aziz, Saddam’s deputy, was upbeat: he assessed Iraq could build weapons of mass destruction (WMD) within two years of sanctions collapsing. Saddam’s strategy, we now know, was clear: accumulate a war chest from fiddling UN sanctions, then use allies in the UN, such as France, China and Russia, to end the sanctions, and then take on Iran in a WMD arms race - after that he would see where things stood.
in May 2002, 10 months before crucial war votes in the UN, Iraqi intelligence reported meeting a senior French politician who assured Iraq that "France would use its veto in the UN Security Council against any American decision to attack Iraq".
State Dept. congratulates Afghanistan on elections

David Brroks: The Report That Nails Saddam

David M. Shribman: / The long view of Bush - When history gives its verdict, the 43rd president will be seen as epoch-changing

Sunday Times: Prisoners were used to test poisons - In a chilling reminder of the Nazis, a report based on confessions reveals how far the Iraqi regime went to get its enemies

(I believe John Kerry was for Saddam's snake venom filled syringe pen weapons experiments before he was against them ... or was it the other way around, these things are always so complicated for the man)

The Observer: France's Saddam deals revealed

Egyptian Sinai: Al-Qaeda blamed for hotel attack

Mobile Register recalled Kerry's speech while Washington Times recollects his near treasonous letter to the mullahs in Iran.

and today's 'he he he' moment, Howard wins place in history and Bush congratulates pal Howard

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