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Saturday, October 02, 2004
Lehrer Incompetent, Uninformed or Misleading during Presidential Debate
During the Presidential Debate, PBS News Hour host and moderator Jim Lehrer stated,
"Senator Kerry, you mentioned Darfur, the Darfur region of Sudan. Fifty thousand people have already died in that area. More than a million are homeless. And it's been labeled an act of ongoing genocide. Yet neither one of you or anyone else connected with your campaigns or your administration that I can find has discussed the possibility of sending in troops. Why not?"
Yet Colin Powell had spoken about this a couple weeks back, speaking before Congress on September 2 and appearing on Meet the Press on September 12 !!!

MTP Transcript for September 12 - Guests: Colin Powell, Secretary of State

Powell rules out U.S. troops in Sudan But Rice says U.S. may help expand African force in Darfur

Powell, on NBC's “Meet the Press,” told moderator Tim Russert that U.S. ground forces were not “a possibility at this time. In fact, there's not a need to. I don't think it's the right solution, and no European troops are prepared to go in. The African Union has sent in a small number of troops, but they've indicated a willingness to send in a much larger number of troops, in the thousands. And so the strategy we're following now is to press the Sudanese very hard in the Security Council.”
It would seem Lehrer either may have LIED, is totally incompetent, can't use google or doesn't actually pay attention to current events or competitors like Tim Russert, NBC / MSNBC or Meet the Press!

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