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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
The Last Debate: Integrity, Integrity, Integrity
As Kerry hits new lows, sliming himself while attempting to slime the Cheney's, it was easy to see why the last three words uttered by Kerry's mom upon her death bed, was to tell Hanoi John French Kerry, "Integrity, Integrity, Integrity". Mother's know best but there are so many other things she might also well have told him, like "Figures lie and LIARs figure" ... on so many things and so many as terribly revealing as the fact the Kerry campaign was forced to admit after the debate, that Kerry, indeed, has only been involved with five (5) bills to be signed into law, over his pathetic twenty year history in the US Senate. Ted Kennedy does indeed reign as the supposed conservative from Massachusettes. Schieffer's liberally aligned questioning played out CBS revenge against Bush for Rathergate.

FNC: Transcript & Video

WP: Lynne Cheney Responds to Kerry's Remarks After Debate - Vice President's Wife Accuses Kerry of 'Tawdry Political Trick' in Mentioning Mary Cheney's Homosexuality

BC04: Highlights for Tempe, Arizona Presidential Debate - Setting the Record Straight on Kerry's Record (Since Joining The United States Senate, John Kerry Has Been The Lead Sponsor On Five Bills And Four Resolutions That Passed).

Hugh Hewitt: Live Blogging but Hugh should have given Kerry an F on the wife question ROFLMAO

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