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Monday, October 11, 2004
Kerry Reeve LIEs catch up with his Pandering
Following up on his pandering during last Friday's debate, today, Hanoi John French Kerry continued using the tragedy of Christopher Reeve as his political prop on the truly non-issue of stem cell research.

Today Kerry stated "the last time he heard from Reeve was on Saturday, when the actor left a message on his cellphone, enthused by the Massachusetts senator's decision to raise stem-cell research in Friday's second presidential debate."

HOWEVER ... it's now being reported that "The actor fell into a coma on Thursday after going into cardiac arrest at his New York home."

Even before this revelation many have called upon Kerry to start telling the truth about the potential for stem cell research, the current state of affairs and to stop offering false hope to fellow Americans.

Contrary to Kerry / Edwards + DNC propaganda, there is no ban on stem cell research; rather:

1) There are absolutely no limitations of any on private or corporate research

2) The only successful research or treatments to date have been derived from adult stem cells, not emryonic stem cells.

3) There are no limitations of any kind on adult stem cell research.

4) Bush is the first president to approve federal financing of embryonic stem cell research

5) There are currently 3500 samples available from the NIH based on the existing embryionic stem cell lines which Bush has made available for federal spending.

Thus the only debate here is, really, how much $$$ the liberals want to spend on endeavors which may yet prove hopeful but, for the time being, have yet to incite the kind of intense spending by biotechs and other private enterprises that would be expected with the kinds of market rewards supposedly in the offing.

In fact, the lines available are fully adequate for federal expenditures and there are still no limitations of any kind for the private sector. For Kerry / Edwards and the DNC to outright promise cures and demagouge Bush is not only wrong, it's truly beyond cruel & inhuman punishment for those who might fall prey to their alluring - yet absolutely false - political claims at the height of an election year.

One of the best articles on this subject of late came from the (himself similarly handicapped) Charles Krauthammer in Time: "Why Lines Must Be Drawn - Stem cells present a complex moral issue. Shame on Democrats for polarizing it"

UPDATE: Edwards on campaign trail, hits new low: "When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again"

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