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Monday, October 18, 2004
Kerry Campaign Unable to Answer Question about Salman Pak

Salman Pak is the infamous former terrorist training camp that was run by Saddam's Fedayeen henchmen in Iraq, including training for aircraft hijacking using a Boeing 707 airliner parked in the desert southwest of Baghdad. See prior reports from NewsMax / WSJ, NR, AP and PBS

Following the Bush speech on terrorism in New Jersey this afternoon, the Kerry campaign held a phone conference and, thanks to an enterprising poster on FR I was able to get through. I asked my question,

"What would the Senator have done to curtail terrorist activities at Salman Pak?"

JOE LOCKHART said, "WHAT ????" and then said "Can you ask that again?" I asked again, very slowly and carefully to make sure there was no misunderstanding and Lockhart answered that they didn't know the answer they'd have to supply that later, off-line.

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