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Saturday, October 16, 2004
Integrity, Integrity, Integrity: We’ve Seen that Movie Too
There is more than one reason the latest Kerry / Edwards smears on Vice President Cheney’s daughter Mary have grabbed the nation’s attention and scorn for John Kerry following the series of vice-presidential and 2004 presidential debates. The liberal pundits and their cajoling cohorts in the (so-called) mainstream media seem to have been so busy working overtime & double-overtime to try and prop up Kerry’s candidacy, they’re oblivious to the events, in context, which have continued to transpire numerous times over the past year of campaign. Otherwise they, too, as so many other Americans, would see Kerry’s recent actions & Cheney smear for what they are, as incredibly insightful opportunities to view the soul of a man who not only comes across as terribly aloof, arrogant and condescending, but one who often appears shifty & demeaning to the point his coordinated & pre-planned attack for “outing” the VP’s daughter was actually dismissed by Kerry’s campaign heads as “fair game”.

The pundits and sympathizers seem to observe these events, such as the presidential debates, as if they occur within a vacuum, in which the public’s prior experience, knowledge or mindset, even from debate to debate, is rendered free & devoid of any further recollection or remembrances. In a dangerous, post 9/11 world, however, Americans are paying increasing attention and, in context, this is just another of many troubling things, including the pathetic Kerry / Edwards’ campaign excuses for which the public is now readily aware it's being forced-fed by a sympathetic media all to eager and willing to swallow and ''.

In his speech before the Republican National Convention, Democrat Senator Zell Miller, from Georgia, warned America about John Kerry and reminded the country that “Twenty years of votes can tell you much more about a man than twenty weeks of campaign rhetoric. Campaign talk tells people who you want them to think you are. How you vote tells people who you really are deep inside.” Zell Miller was speaking to the degree of character and integrity required of a Commander in Chief in these challenging times and noted, with regards to President Bush, “I have knocked on the door of this man's soul and found someone home, a God-fearing man with a good heart and a spine of tempered steel”. He was also cautiously warning America that Kerry is the kind of politician that is practiced and polished into decieving voters into believing that which he is not.

In light of these most recent events, those remain poignant words, indeed, for with all of John Kerry’s preparation and debate antics, from the orange pre-tan, French manicure and botox laden Yale caliber performance, Kerry has further revealed himself to the American people and, like the skins being torn from an onion, as already ripened by the SwiftVets revelations before, it’s not a pretty sight. Lynn Cheney had it right when she responded and conveyed how Kerry’s “tawdry” tactics showed he “is not a good man”. If this was the first time these traits of Kerry’s had been seen the public, as the Cheneys, might have merely likened it to another failing in the pressure of an awkward or challenging moment.

But in light of its obviously calculated nature, coming after an already extremely awkward and totally inappropriate moment when the Kerry / Edwards strategy was debuted in the Vice Presidential debate, for which Dick Cheney politely but effectively responded to with a sense of compassion and private dignity neither afforded by Edwards or, subsequently, Kerry, himself, alike. Even worse it’s a side of Kerry’s which seems to have appeared now all to frequently, like when he lectured a questioner, for a second time, at the town hall debate, how his flip-flopping votes on the war & the $87 billion were merely problems with the way he describes things, mere distinctions of semantics, while the President went to war with Saddam Hussein and Iraq, “which is worse” he thundered, both times, rhetorically.

Similar to how the “final” position his team assembled and prepared him to take on the Iraq war during the debates, these fixed and choreographed performances are equally revealing in their cold and purely calculating tenor. His mannerisms are the same each of these times, throughout, the shifting of his eyes, back and forth, as he coils to the ready & delivers his verbal “death blow”, he seems to dispatch his linguistic venom with a hiss and sly eye that is as disturbing in visual as it is in voice.

It's also not like these events have happened in a vacuum. They arise from a year of Democrat primaries in which Democrat aligned groups portrayed President Bush as Hitler and Kerry flip-flopped his way from one war position to another, at one point ridiculing Howard Dean as ill-prepared to be POTUS for opposing the war on Iraq to his last or latest of the near endless myriad of linguistic contortions that comprised all his varying positions on the war, all the while demonizing the President for doing exactly what Kerry, a year before, was likewise advocating. The public has seen & heard the impromptu rope line Kerry, who was caught, unaware, during the early campaign, assuring supporters he’d say or do whatever he needed to take on the administration he called the “biggest group of crooks & liars” he'd ever seen.

The last time the public recently viewed this Kerry character was the moment when even many on his own team likely questioned their own candidate’s sanity, that being the terribly ill-timed and awkwardly embarrassing “impromptu” press conference & pep rally which was hastily prepared at the midnight hour following the Republican National Convention in August. That night the Senator’s mission was delivered with similar presentation as he came out to attack Bush & Cheney’s service records, combining the same shifting & recoiling body action as decried how he’d leave it up to the American people to decide who was more qualified to the lead the country, himself as the self-widely-proclaimed war hero or Bush & Cheney who he still continues to describe as AWOL or otherwise equivalent draft dodgers.

The now all too apparent deep character failings of Kerry are particularly devastating to his campaign rhetoric of building alliances while he continues, with the same lack of style and grace, denigrating the contributions of our allies and his backhanded slap to the new Prime Minister Allawi of Iraq, after refusing to attend his historic appearance before the joint session of congress. But worse, Kerry’s again revealed to be a disgustingly slimy politician of the type for whom no slander is too great, from the honored veterans whom he continues to smear, albeit indirectly or remaining portrayed by his silence as war criminals reminiscent of Ghengis Kahn, to now so callously and shamelessly disregarding any human sense of goodness or even shallow public decency when it came to outright exploiting the privacy properly afforded to one’s children for purely vain, political purposes.

Just when America sat forward in unison and gasped simultaneously from coast to coast, there was also an unfailing sense that “we’ve seen this movie, too”. Only America was promptly offered another near equally awkward and somewhat inhuman moment, when Kerry promptly departed from the questioned opportunity to say anything really nice or insightful about his wife and instead explained how his mother cried out to him from her death bed, pleading “Integrity, Integrity, Integrity!” from her son.

Like many other mothers across America, I suspect, she’d agreed with Lynn Cheney, that we once again had the opportunity to see one of these sides of John Kerry and, ever exposed just one degree shy of his perfect debate profile posture for the spot light, it’s not very pretty. It now seems all to easy for America to conclude as presumed, she, John Kerry’s departed mother, even, had probably seen this movie, too.

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