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Monday, October 18, 2004
Campaign's Response to "Salman Pak" Query reveals Kerry is Dangerous
John Kerry does not understand the complexities underlying the War on Terror.

When President Bush first addressed a joint session of the House & Senate, following the September 11 attacks, he both explained & assured Americans that the War on Terror would start with Al Qaeda but it would not end there.

President Bush correctly understands that shadowy terrorist networks and their nation state allies cannot be ignored in a broader War on Terror whereas John Kerry has repeatedly claimed that any attention, outside of Al Qaeda, proper, is a “diversion” from the War on Terror. This is clearly a silly and dangerous proposition; terrorists aligned with Al Qaeda cannot simply be identified by a nifty patch or arm band.

Ayman Al-Zawahri, Bin-Ladin’s chief lieutenant, was formerly the head of Egyptian Islamic Jihad before merging his organization with Al Qaeda in the 1990’s. In John Kerry’s view of the world, deadly terrorists, like Al-Zawahri, operating around the world, would be immune from targeting by the US until they became officially aligned with Bin-Ladin and appeared in videos together.

These considerations are all the more compelling given the Kerry campaign’s inability, today, to explain “what the Senator would have done to curtail terrorist activities in Salman Pak”, the notorious terrorist training camp, run by Saddam Hussein, for the purpose of training foreign terrorists for operations using airplanes (ie 9/11) or trains (ie Madrid). The Kerry campaign’s lack of knowledge or inability to address these issues further confirm the Senator is ill-suited to be Commander-in-Chief.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt links here for his Vox Blogoli,
Salman Pak Query below!

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