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Sunday, October 24, 2004
Bush rallies rise to stadium-size!
these are sweet ... the helicopter landing was great but to read about Air Force One doing the flyover at Jacksonville must have the Kerry campaign cussing under their breath. Washington Times has the best recap:
President Bush hopscotched through Florida yesterday in a campaign swing that rallied nearly 100,000 partisans as he accused Sen. John Kerry of "election amnesia" regarding the Iraq war.

Mr. Bush kicked off his day at a minor league baseball stadium in Fort Myers, where he arrived aboard Marine One and landed in left field to the thrill of the 12,000 supporters in attendance. He emerged from the helicopter to cheers, while music from the Navy pilot movie "Top Gun" blared from the loudspeakers.

After stops in Lakeland in front of 13,000 people and Melbourne for 18,000, Mr. Bush ended his day at Alltel Stadium, home of the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars, before 53,000 supporters, many of whom waited more than three hours to hear his 50-minute speech.
The president pushed the drama up a notch before his last rally, when he directed Air Force One to fly directly over the stadium to thrill the crowds he's counting on to deliver Florida's 27 Electoral College votes, the most among states still considered to be in play.
Great Photos HERE and HERE

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