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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Rathergate Redux: Phony e-mail used by CBS to further "draft" conspiracy
RatherBiased has an excellent synopsis of the latest outrage by CBS, here just a week after CBS announced the start of their official investigation into the now infamous Burkett / memo fraud. The "draft" scam was originated by the DNC to scare (particularly young) voters. Political Gateway recently published a definitive work on this subject, exposing HR 163, sponsored by Representatives Charles Rangel (D-New York), Jim McDermott (D-Washington), John Conyers (D-Michigan), John Lewis (D-Georgia), Pete Stark (D-California) and Neil Abercrombie (D-Hawaii) & SB 89, sponsored by Senator Fritz Hollings (D-South Carolina).

UPDATE: Completing the big lie, SpinSwimming has revealed John Kerry's plan for reinstating the draft has now been removed from his web site! This probably accompanied his change in posture over force realignment which the Bush Administration is engaged to free up 150K troops from Europe.

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