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Monday, September 20, 2004
Rathergate: The Dam Breaks
While D.R. takes to the air to issue his non-apology apology, assuming victim status while politely pressing 30 year Rather friend and now admitted 'unimpeachable source' and former two-time mental patient, Bill Burkett, "Did you forge these documents?" (moia? of course not!). Burkett now claims his source for the forged documents was the ever elusive & unidentifiable Lucy Ramirez ... or were they "handed to him at the Houston Astrodome by an anonymous man" ... or maybe it was a transvestite member of the Kerry campaign. Maybe Joe Lockart, Sr. Communications Director for Kerry campaign, who admits his contacts & coordination with Burkett & CBS "News" in articles by AP and USA Today. With the Watergate like implications hovering over his campaign, and a first line defense that doesn't even pass the laugh test, Kerry should have no choice but to fire Lockhart in the next 72 hours.

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