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Thursday, September 09, 2004
Dan Rather & 60 Minutes BUSTED for Document Fraud
Dan Rather & 60 Minutes have been busted for forging the documents they tried to use to bring back the "Bush AWOL" stuff again - more detailed info forthcoming at

ABC News now reporting that CBS News did NOT receive these documents from the family of the (now deceased) alleged author / source as they claimed. Presumption is that 60 Minutes was fed documents directly from reps. of the Kerry campaign (standard tactic of DNC smearmeister Sidney Blumenthal) who are close to Dan Rather.


Check out the attached image below - the top portion one of these "documents" which Rather & 60 Minutes came forth with as "new" to try and regurgitate the story.

There are any number of problems with them, however, that don't even pass the laugh test and demonstrate it's an obvious forgery. For example, note the proper abbreviation "LTC" is not used, the dates are in improper format, they're written on 8-1/2" x 11" paper (not standard then), they're written on a Saturday and the font is a modern day proportional font using superscript abbreviations (187th), not available on a 1970's IBM selectric typewriter. But the whole fraud becomes entirely obvious when comparing the top portion of the image below to that on the bottom. The bottom was created by opening Microsoft Word, choosing Times Roman font and entering the text exactly as it appeared on the "original" (forged) document revealing a 100% exact copy that only needs to be fed through a copier any number of times to achieve an "aged" appearance.


UPDATE: Proof from Carl Donath the CBS document BushGuardaugust1.pdf is a FAKE:

Original text, slightly adjusted for rectangular fit:

Same text, screen capture of document written in MS Word 2002 with no effort to match original aside from document width:

Overlapping images, with original as B/W negative:

Aside from slight warping presumably due to distortion introduced by a low-quality photocopier, the two texts line up exactly. The "30+ year old proof" against Bush is a fraud. This was done with minimal effort. The "fake" Carl wrote up took practically no effort: start MS Word 2002, enter text, set document width. Correcting for distortions in the CBS-provided "proof" took a few minutes more.

UPDATE 2: Another document bites the dust courteousy of Pacetown:

vs. MS Word production:

UPDATE 3: Chronically Biased provides icing on the cake - forget the obvious dubious PO Box 34567, typewriters in 1972 did not perform perfect text header centering with algorithmic proportional spacing:

UPDATE 4:The final nails in the coffin: In addition to the obvious discrepancies in the actual content in referrals, the signatures for these documents do not even begin to match; see below from here and here plus Powerline blog reader notes that LA Times previously reported that General Staudt, who was referred to in the 60 Minutes August 18, 1973 memo, "Staudt has obviously pressured Hodges more about Bush. I'm having trouble running interference and doing my job", had already retired in 1972!

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