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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Best of the Week
Lots of interesting stuff!
US missile 'kills Zarqawi aide' (a really bad guy had a bad accident!) + Reuters on same: Zarqawi Cleric Ally Killed in U.S. Strike -Family

Porter Goss confirmed as CIA Chief: Roll Call Vote

Claudia Rosette: What's 'Illegal'? Kofi Annan helped Saddam Hussein steal food from babies. and Possible Saddam-Al Qaeda Link Seen in U.N. Oil-for-Food Program

Schwarzenegger Vetoes Calif. Driver's License Bill

Device found on Australian plane

Kerry's flip-flop of the week: Kerry nixes more troops for Iraq after terrorist thugs kill 2 Italian hostages and U.K. Hostage Pleads for Life on Videotape


Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked At Concert
UPDATE: Arrest Made In Soldier's Beating
COMMENTARY: The Attack on One Man That Was Bigger Than the Clash of Civilizations by Carroll Andrew Morse

Felix Rodriguez speaks out on Kerry: Contra Campaign (an honorable man & patriot describes his experience with Hanoi John French Kerry's lies in his Senate endeavors)

Navy Launches Second Kerry Medal Probe
Campaign News & Battleground Polls!
Why women are edging toward Bush: A growing group of 'security moms' puts national safety at the top of their list, weakening a traditionally Democratic base ... or maybe it's articles like this: Iranian woman wants only to be beaten once a week

Bill Sammon: Rove touts Bush headway in key areas - "Hatred is a powerful emotion, but it's not a very durable emotion. You cannot maintain hatred in your heart for another person and keep it for a long period of time."

Robert Novak: Loose cannons undermining Kerry (he, he, he)

Smart & legal financing management by Republicans while Kerry folks wasted millions of $$$ on the now ill-fated Operation Fortunate Son campaign they'd coordinated with Rathergate and another stupid movie featuring Kerry's phony Vietnam war reenactments: Bush Team Orchestrates Larger Ad Campaign

In today's "Actions speak louder than words" category: Kerry Pulls Campaign Ads From Four States (Arizona, Arkansas, Louisana & most critically, Missouri)

Reaffirmed: Presidential campaigns in Arkansas: Going, going, gone

Re-reaffirmed: Arizona not-so-friendly turf for Kerry (he, he)

Arizona Republic: Kerry pulls ads in Arizona

Michigan: The state that Kerry can't afford to lose

ABC: Winning Wisconsin - Well Targeted Campaign Helps Boost Bush in Wisconsin (Gore state in 2000 but Lambert Field? Forget it! Bush 53-43)

More on Wisconsin from AP (Badger Poll, Bush 52-38) with painful analysis by the regularly biased Ron Fournier

GALLUP: Poll Shows Bush Leading Kerry in West Virginia
(Bush 51-45)

GALLUP: Poll Shows Bush Leading Kerry in Nevada (Bush 52-43)

Colorado Pueblo Chieftan: Bush shows sizable lead among Colorado voters (Bush 53-33) with Coors / Salazar in dead heat

Post Hurricane Florida polls all over the place ... and I really don't like the methodologies behind ARG polls + too many around that are closer to the action to even pay attention to their noise any longer. The Iowa Electronic Market is probably as good a guage as any ;)

NBC News/Wall Street Journal: Bush holds narrow lead; Many voters don't believe Kerry has a clear message (Hart/McInturff, non-Zogby, Bush 50-46)

CBS: Check the type! (Bush 51-42)

Real Clear Politics Electoral Count: Bush 284 - Kerry 200
News & Commentary on Rathergate!
FYI: I personally trust Thornburgh :)

RNC Chairman Gillespie Statement

Email all 200 CBS Affiliates with just one click!

LAT: CBS Names 2 to Probe Conduct on Memos

Howard Kurtz: 2 Named to Head CBS Memo Inquiry

Elder Bush Slams CBS For Story About Son's Military Service - Former President Calls Account 'Insidious'

FNC: CBS Producer Has Go-Between Past

NewsMax: Mapes Has History of Breaking Rules

William Safire: First, Find the Forger

Ann Coulter: Dan Rather: Fairly unbalanced

Linda Chavez: CBS just doesn't get it

Brent Bozell: Rather's game is over

Noemie Emery @ Weekly Standard: Dear Mr. Rather

National Review: Rather Shoddy

Hugh Hewitt: Ghosting for Les - The speech CBS's president Les Moonves needs to give

Richmond Times Dispatch: The Rather Memos: On Operative Double Standards in the Mainline Press

Business Week: CBS's Latest Whodunit

Union Leader: Foul anchor: Rather sinks CBS' credibility

The Plain Dealer: Part-time pundits in pajamas find CBS asleep at the switch

The View from Australia: Beware bloggers in pyjamas - Humiliation for a CBS Goliath is a victory for the Net's Davids

UK Telegraph: Breaking news: CBS is in trouble

More from Staudt: Staudt speaks out about Bush memo debacle: he's "surprised they finally decided to be honest" stating “I don’t have much to tell. It’s simple to me. There was no political influence. That’s the truth.” ... "He was a good candidate, well educated,” he said. “We needed pilots, and he wanted to be one.”

Burkett going after his lawsuit with CBS & his attorney is speaking out: “Bill did not go to CBS, CBS came to him. CBS spent all summer trying to pressure and coax Bill into letting them have copies of the documents that they believed he had.” ... "Bill Burkett Just Got Burnt by Dan Rather" now that's truly unimpeachable!
And some really funny stuff:
Howie Carr: CBS producer may sleep with the phony fishes


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