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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
ABC's Hidden Bombshell

Tonight Brian Ross of ABC News reports "Casting Further Doubt -
Document Analysts: CBS News Ignored Concerns About Disputed Bush Military Records"
noting that "Two of the document experts hired by CBS News say the network ignored concerns they raised prior to the broadcast of a report citing documents that questioned George W. Bush's service in the National Guard during the Vietnam War."

The hidden bombshell?

An observant viewer notes that one of these experts who rejected at least one of these documents, showed the document she'd been given by CBS to work on and - surprise! - ABC News inadvertently revealed it was one of the two "missing" or "mystery" memos that USA Today first revealed on their web site and CBS has so far yet to acknowledge their own receipt of. This one has a two line header which was positioned exactly as the other (two known) memos with 3 line headers (which all, in fact, are aligned similarly & centered proportionately). The implications are huge, of course, because that would mean that CBS was shopping experts and not providing them with a complete set of documents to review, when their only so-called "expert" remaining, at this point, the spiritual handwriting analyst (who's not certified) has claimed in his own prior writings that the recognition of one forgery within a set automatically casts doubt on the remaining documents in that group!

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