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Thursday, September 09, 2004
ABC News Sees an Opening
With the networks still stinging over FOX News Channel's ratings and outright mocking from Wesley Pruden and John Podhoretz crediting the blogosphere, there might be some assemblance of healthy competition with ABC News now reporting on the likelihood the CBS / 60 Minutes smear is indeed another Rather fraud with American Spectator tracing the origin of the scheme and Drudge reporting CBS News has launched an internal investigation and Dan Rather is "shocked" (that they were all caught so quickly IMHO). This was an extremely organized & coordinated smear with many Kerry friendly media outlets including the Boston Globe, CBS / 60 Minutes, NYT, CNN and others joining in, with Sid Blumenthal and others ganging up in the print or cyber media front while George Soros & providing the advertising & Tom Harkin on the rant representing Kerry's DemoncRAT allies in the US Senate.

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