Precise Truth
Monday, August 23, 2004
Wesley Pruden
Paying the price for padding a resume
... Not all of his Purple Hearts are suspect, only two of them are. Or maybe it's only one. Or was that the Silver Star? Voters, who don't always pay close attention to the nuances or even the details, are likely to remember only that questions were raised about his medals. (Were those the medals he threw away?)
A politician's reputation for telling the truth, particularly about how he won combat decorations, is a lot like a woman's reputation for virtue. Once veracity and virtue are subjects for public discussion, both pols in trouble and careless damsels can only suffer. Close only counts if you're pitching horseshoes.
Another Democrat "close to the campaign," otherwise unidentified, sees it in an even grimmer light: "When you're basically running on your biography and there are ongoing attacks that are undermining the credibility of your biography, you have a really big problem."

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