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Sunday, August 22, 2004
Steve McMahon: Moore-on
Steve McMahon, former Howard Dean advisor was on Scarborough Sunday night along with Hugh Hewitt. Hugh pounded him over Christmas in Cambodia and how that relates to Kerry's phony posturing and unreliability through the decades to this very day. Steve McMahon was left to the dregs of Michael Mooredom, the DNC propaganda that there's nobody who remembers Bush from his National Guard service. Of course, that's a lie, as a woman stood up in Portland recently to rectify.

Prior reports include

Bush's drills with the Alabama Guard confirmed,

But further confirmation was supplied yesterday by a woman who dated the young George W. Bush in 1972 who says she distinctly remembers the young pilot visiting Montgomery that year to fulfill his Air National Guard commitment.
William Campenni, a retired Guard pilot, served with Mr. Bush in the 111th. He remembers a training flight over the Gulf during which the future president mimicked a Soviet bomber.

'Bush and I were lieutenants'
Lt. Col. John (Bill) Calhoun
Ex-airmen douse rumors over Bush's Guard service: 'Serious' pilot flew in NORAD runs, volunteered for Vietnam combat duty.
and Bush and the National Guard: Case Closed
F-102, Vietnam & George W. Bush

On 9/12/04 The Decatur Daily (Alabama) published an interview with former Air Force Sgt. James Copeland, who insists that he saw George W. Bush doing his required drills at Dannelly Air National Guard Base in Montgomery, AL during the period CBS and Democrats claim he was AWOL

Retired Colonel: Bush Volunteered for Vietnam (Retired Colonel Ed Morrisey)

UPDATE: Comprehensive list "Bush Served Honorably"

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