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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Spaeth Speaks
In interview today, Merrie Spaeth, President & CEO of her own Spaeth Communications, and representative for the SwiftVets addressed the Kerry campaign talking points to the effect she's a dark mysterious figure operating at six degrees of separation from the Bush campaign.

In summary it appears Kerry partisans are clearly drawing from their wealth of experience attacking women who in some way come forth to speak about DemoncRATs running for president. Of course the implications of that presumption are that Ms. Spaeth is telling the truth and her attackers are grasping here.

Ms. Spaeth pointed out that the appearance of her name on the White House web site is due to her prior association with the "non-partisan White House Fellows Program" in 1980 and is simply listed as listed on a press release amongst several "Prominent public and private sector leaders who are alumni of the White House Fellows Program from Texas".

So they're left with "Texas" as the common denominator ... and she's probably a REPUBLICAN. no doubt VRWC too. (pledge at least)

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