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Saturday, August 21, 2004
O'Neill knows Kerry better than he'll ever know himself
Seems a friendy Kerry supporter at the Chicago Tribune takes the handoff for the Kerry campaign today. But I do believe John O'Neill knows Hanoi John French Kerry better than he will ever know himself ...

From Unfit for Command, page 80, "The Silver Star":

For some thirty-five years, John Kerry has shaped his life around a single moment on February 28, 1969 , for which he recieved the Silver Star. ... He has chosen to utilize his thirty-five-year-old Silver Star as the basis for every political campaign he has waged. In each campaign, a new participant in Kerry's medal stories is discovered, as was Jim Rassmann, the comrade "left behind" whom Kerry did fish out of the water but about whom he invented an exaggerated story during the 2004 presidential primary in Iowa. Each Kerry campaign ends with Kerry embracing his comrades while faulting his opponents for their less meritorious service.

Beldar Blog has some analysis on the appearance of William Rood onto the scene which must mean, given O'Neill's observations of Kerry's past behaviors, the Kerry campaign is desperately flailing their last & only means of obfuscation, unable to even begin to address the many delusions such as Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia. Even more ironic, press rumblings aside, the details provided by Mr. Rood merely furthers the SwiftVet's contention that Kerry's Silver Star was not earned meritoriously (the reports Kerry fraudulently submitted indicated he took action against a slew of VC, not the single boy, and not whether the boy was, indeed, clothed in a loincloth.

Even funnier is that the Kerry campaign and their cohorts in the press are trying to use the last "Silver Star" card Kerry has to play as a way to somehow rebut the "Sampan Incident" which was discussed on Scarborough Country on Friday night when former Kerry crewmate Stephen Gardner produced the after-action report, as completed by John Kerry, which showed conclusively (based on Kerry's own recantations in his Brinkley book Tour of Duty) Kerry had fraudulently submitted a false report in those matters. Of course the Sampan Incident and the Silver Star incident were different events so the Kerry campaign is relying tremendously on the media here to help hide those basic distinctions.

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