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Monday, August 23, 2004
LA Times Strikes Vets with Anger & Vengeance
I just sent the following in response to their Editors' diatribe against the SwiftVets:

There is no excuse for such negligence as demonstrated by your Editors in their opinion piece of today regarding John Kerry. His campaign has admitted the central, life changing moment of his life & Vietnam experience was a falsehood. A lie. A lie he has retold over and over, 50 times or more, over 30 years.

Secondly your review of the Chicago Tribune editor Rood's piece was flawed - you have neglected the basic fact Rood has confirmed the SwiftVets' contention that there was no numerically superior force, firing rockets which exploded on John Kerry's boat, as his Silver Star citation states.

It's that simple. John Kerry's Silver Star citation is wrong. Every witness, including John Kerry & his supporters, state that the incident involved Kerry's shooting a young boy in the back. There is a picture on the Tribune web site with a loaded rocket launcher which Rood confirms was never launched.

Where are the rockets John Kerry's citation speaks about?

Does the LA Times really believe in Christmas in Cambodia?

Please correct the record.

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