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Monday, August 23, 2004
Kerry Campaign close to admitting 1st Purple Heart was faked
The pain of the truth. For John Kerry it obviously hurts.

as well it should!

Major Garrett on FOX News Channel tonight reports that the Kerry campaign is in a real quandry as to how they can explain Hanoi John French Kerry's 1st Purple Heart.

The first Purple Heart involves Doctor Letson removing a rose thorn size of shrapenel & treating it with a band-aid. The SwiftVets contend that resulted from an unintentionally self-inflicted wound from the shell of a grenade he was (obviously) mishandling and has been written about in his own accounts and others'. The award was denied as an insulting joke by his commanding officer. There are no supporting documents other than those Kerry presumably created on his own for himself.

Ultimately it's Kerry vs. Kerry on this one - either he LIED and "gamed the system" or it's going to be blamed on the hatless CIA guys gunrunning in Cambodia forcing him to write, days later, in his diaries and later included in other writings, that he hadn't seen combat or been shot at 9 days after that fateful one when he nearly injured his crew but still ended up with a Purple Heart for the efforts.

So .... now, let's talk about the "issues"!

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