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Sunday, August 22, 2004
Hurley Spins & Lies about Christmas in Cambodia
Close caption transcript from Fox News Sunday:

Ok, let's switch to you, mr. Hurley. Senator kerry has repeatedly said he was sitting on a gunboat five miles inside cambodia on christmas eve 1968 being shot at while the president denied there were any U.S. Troops there. In 1986 senate speech, kerry had this to say --

Simple question, what proof do you have that john kerry was in cambodia on christmas eve 1968?

I think, chris, what what is seared in john kerry's mind is that he was under fire. On christmas eve, P.C.F. 44, john kerry was on patrol up near the cambodian border. They did come under fire that night. An old man was killed that night. They came under fire three times that night. It's a watery area. They were in that vicinity. I don't think anyone knows for sure, but they were near cambodia.

But he doesn't say near cambodia, he says it was seared in my memory that we were five miles inside cambodia on a specific night.

Right. He was five miles in cambodia -- but not that night. He was five miles on a different occasions. He was near cambodia on christmas eve. That's well-documented. They came under five three separate times that night. It's being under fire is what's seared in miss mind.

What proof do you have that kerry was inside cambodia?

John kerry's record.

Do you have a record?

No. They were in cambodia. They were delivering various supplies. They were in there. His crew will say the same thing.

Well, you say the crew, he's had crew members who have stood up and defended him on almost everything else. Do you have a single crew member who's come forward to say he was five miles inside cambodia?

This hasn't been an issue until really recently. Why we're revisiting where john kerry was on a single night in 1968 is beyond me. The same questions can be asked of president bush. Where was he when he was to be reporting for duty in alabama? John kerry acknowledges he was in cambodia. Where he was is not part of this discussion.

I take it then the answer is no, you don't say single crew member who will say he was in five miles inside cambodia on christmas eve 1968 or any other night?

On other nights, yes. On december 24, they will not say that --

Who will say that?

It was the 94 boat. This issue hasn't come up. The reason why it hasn't been addressed. On christmas eve, he was on the 44 boat. They were near the cambodian border. They may or may not have crossed over. On a different occasion on the 94 boat, they were inside cambodia. The crew will testify to that.

So now Hurley is claiming there were was a mission "near" Cambodia on Christmas on the 44 boat that was seared into him and then these other previously unmentioned secret missions with CIA guys and hats, presumably, using the 94 boat. Even a professional liar like VVAW comrade Hurley is finding it difficult to get out of this one.

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