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Saturday, August 21, 2004
Deborah Orin on the Beat!
Buried within Thursday's NY Post piece by Deborah Orin, it appears she was one of the few professional journalists who actually took the opportunity to ask Kerry's crewmates the operative question at their press conference the other day:

One of the anti-Kerry vets, John O'Neill, wrote the best seller "Unfit for Command," which lambastes Kerry as a cowardly liar and says his claim to have spent Christmas 1968 on a covert mission to Cambodia was a lie.

The Kerry camp is now hedging on that claim, which Kerry once told the Senate was "seared" into his memory ever since President Richard Nixon falsely claimed there were no U.S. troops in Cambodia. In fact, Nixon wasn't yet president.

The Democrat's team yesterday held a press conference of pro-Kerry vets, but none of his crewmates was able to validate his Christmas-in-Cambodia claim.

Then in Friday's Post, Orin also noticed the absence of David Alston, who spoke at the DemoncRAT National Convention and led people to believe he was there with Kerry when, he's since admitted, he was never there and gives due props to Captains Quarters and Byron York accordingly:

For instance, when Team Kerry held a press conference featuring his crewmates this week, one was conspicuously missing — David Alston — after the Internet-fueled revelation that he may have only served on Kerry's boat for one week.

A Web blogger, captainsquartersblog, began questioning whether Alston (who has spoken emotionally about how they "bled together") ever served with Kerry. (Byron York at) National Review examined the records and concluded maybe — for just one week.

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