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Thursday, August 26, 2004
Advanced Polls & Politics
New polls out from LA Times & Gallup show Bush got a respectable bounce from the DemoncRAT National Convention and the early reintroduction of the SwiftVets who put out a new video today with Kerry's former Swift Boat crewmember Steven Gardner laying out the Precise Truth on Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia.

Meanwhile Bush counter's Kerry's stunt sending Max Cleland and Rassman to Bush's home in Crawford, Texas by hooking up with John McCain to try and stop all of the 527 ads. This appears to be a win-win-win scenario for Bush. If Kerry does not join their action he will again appear as a total whiner and hypocrite. If the suit loses then all the 527 activity, including the SwiftVet ads, will continue. Even if the suit were to prevail it would not affect the SwiftVets to the same degree it would all of the Kerry / Soros / Ickes / Podesta / DNC / flames because the SwiftVets can still make the rounds of talk radio, poltical tv shows and other alternative media, whereas the DemoncRAT 527s don't have that kind of message & whatever hate-Bush message they do have is already commonplace throughout all available media.

Kerry's response? The political equivalent of "Thank you sir. May I have another?" He demands weekly debates. Seriously, there is something terribly wrong within the Kerry campaign. They played this card last spring and the Bush campaign whacked them in on it & now they get to repeat one of their best lines of the year, "There will be a time for debates after the convention, and during the next few weeks, John Kerry should take the time to finish the debates with himself," responded Bush-Cheney spokesman Steve Schmidt.

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